2024 Drag Specialties FatBook

dragspecialties.com | #SINCE1968 And the eye-catching paint? “Well,” Chipp said with a laugh, “I was working with a stock bike, and a parts list, so my chance to really customize was a bit limited. So I told the Drag Specialties team ‘It’s going to be pink!’ There is no reason a cool, fast bike can’t also be a ‘girl’s bike,’ so to speak. As I said, there are lots of female riders, and they like to go fast too! So Jason Harter designed a really cool look and chose colors that really make it stand out.” And it is definitely a fast bike, Chipp said. “It is a runner, a real hot rod. The turbo kit was part of the original build idea. The thought was to make a Pro Stock-style motorcycle. But during the build process we kind of changed it up, went with a different look. And it turned out great.” Fat Baggers has been a dealership for approximately 50 years, Chipp said. “And we always have the Drag Specialties FatBook on the counter. We use it all the time. We always enjoy seeing the cool cover bikes. Now, to see a bike we designed as the cover bike, knowing it is on dealer counters worldwide – that is a pretty big honor.” 2024 Drag Specialties FatBook cover bike team left to right: Chad Andersen, Gary Chipp, Jason Harter.