2024 Drag Specialties FatBook

Bold colors and big power define the 2024 Drag Specialties FatBook cover bike. Designed and built by Gary Chipp and the Fat Baggers team, it is a showcase of just how far you can push the performance envelope with a stock motorcycle using parts from the catalog. “It was a challenging build,” said Chipp. “We typically do bagger bikes, complete custom builds from the frame up. So to take a stock bike and be given a parts list to create with was something new. But it is such a neat honor to be asked to build a Drag Specialties cover bike, we just couldn’t say no.” The standout part of the bike is the turbo kit from Trask. “I think we got the very first production kit off the line,” Chipp said. “And I have to give a huge credit to Trask. The turbo kit went on flawlessly. We did not have to make a single tech call or modify anything when we installed it. It just plugged right in and worked.” ON THE COVER Other parts of the build proved a bit more difficult. “There aren’t a lot of parts out there for this model of bike,” Chipp said. “We wound up having to heavily customize the stock rear fender. We smoothed it, trimmed it, fit the license plate holder. Same with the front fender – it is a Paul Yaffe front fender for an FL Touring bike. We modified it to make it work, and had to make custom spacers for mounting it.” The handlebars were another area that needed extensive custom work. “We didn’t have a set of bars for this bike,” Chipp said. “So we decided to develop Fat Baggers EZ Install bars that will work with this type of bike. They are likely going to be a production item in the near future.” They are a lower, reduced-reach type of handlebar. “Reduced reach handlebars – that is a number one request we get at events we attend, especially from women riders,” Chipp said. “There are a LOT of women riders out there, and a popular request is for reduced reach style bars. So the process of making handlebars for this bike kind of pivoted off to that design. It worked out kind of neat.” Builder: Gary Chipp President, Fat Baggers Paint Desinger/Painter: Jason Harter, Fat Baggers