2024 Drag Specialties FatBook

dragspecialties.com SECTION 2 All part numbers in BLUE are new for 2024. WINDSHIELDS & FAIRINGS AUDIO, COMMUNICATION & MOUNTS SADDLEBAGS & LUGGAGE SEATS & SISSY BARS FUEL/AIR SYSTEMS EXHAUST TRANSMISSION & DRIVELINE ENGINE GASKETS & SEALS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL HANDLEBARS, CONTROLS & MIRRORS CABLES TANKS & OIL FILTERS BRAKES DASHES & GAUGES FENDERS & LICENSE PLATE FRAMES HARDWARE, COVERS & GENERAL FRAMES & SUSPENSION FOOTRESTS & FLOORBOARDS WHEELS & AXLES 99 See OLDBOOK For Early Model Applications GEN 4 LOWER SPEAKER KIT FOR LIQUID-COOLED MODELS •Complete kit with speaker adapters, grilles, 6.5” 2-ohm speakers and all required wiring to go in fairing lowers •Lower adapters provide easy access to the coolant reservoir, come in gloss black to match inner fairing on all liquid-cooled models •Includes all required hardware and wiring to complete the installation NOTE: Required amplifier is not included. 7” FAIRING LOWER WOOFER KIT WITH AMP •Complete kit includes REV 225-watt amp, 7” 2-ohm woofers, fairing lower adapters, grilles and all required plug-and-play wiring •Radio runs existing speakers and supplied amp runs lower speakers •Compatible on 06-13 CVO Ultras •Use with PART #4405-0535 to create a six-speaker, 6-channel kit (this option requires PART #4405-0234 to mount second amp) NOTE: PART #4405-0486 is required for FLTRU models. REAR SPEAKER PODS •Kit includes vinyl-covered rear speaker pods, grilles, mounting hardware and wire harness •Also includes wiring for bikes with car radios •Holds Hogtunes 5.25” front or rear model speakers NOTE: Supplied wiring will not plug into radio on FLHT/​FLHX and FLTR models. Amplifier, OEM harness or car radio is required. See PART #2120-0771 for more wiring options. PART # DESCRIPTION SUG. RETAIL 4405-0229 For 99-13 models w/ radio and King tour boxes $199.95 7” WOOFER KIT •Includes 2-ohm 7” woofers, grilles (not shown) and all required hardware •Includes wire harness to plug into any Hogtunes amp •Requires amplifier PART #s 4405-0522 or 4405-0493 (not included) •Requires FLHT-style vented fairing lowers NOTE: An additional amp will be required if using rear speakers with this kit. PART # DESCRIPTION SUG. RETAIL 4405-0616 For 14-23 FLHTCU/​FLTRU/​FLTRK/​FLHTCUTG models w/ liquid-cooled motors $379.95 PART # DESCRIPTION SUG. RETAIL 4405-0542 For 05-13 FLHTCU/​FLHTCUL/​FLTRU models $499.95 PART # DESCRIPTION SUG. RETAIL 4405-0233 For 99-13 Dressers and H-D FL Trikes (except 99-09 FLTR) $219.95