2024 Drag Specialties FatBook

dragspecialties.com All part numbers in BLUE are new for 2024. SECTION 1 WINDSHIELDS & FAIRINGS AUDIO, COMMUNICATION & MOUNTS SADDLEBAGS & LUGGAGE SEATS & SISSY BARS FUEL/AIR SYSTEMS EXHAUST TRANSMISSION & DRIVELINE ENGINE GASKETS & SEALS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL HANDLEBARS, CONTROLS & MIRRORS CABLES TANKS & OIL FILTERS BRAKES DASHES & GAUGES FENDERS & LICENSE PLATE FRAMES HARDWARE, COVERS & GENERAL FRAMES & SUSPENSION FOOTRESTS & FLOORBOARDS WHEELS & AXLES 20 See OLDBOOK For Early Model Applications FOR 99-22 FLHR AND 12-16 FLD WITH OEM ACCESSORY DETACHABLE KING-SIZE WINDSHIELD PART # DESCRIPTION SUG. RETAIL 19 3/8” TALL X 26 5/8” WIDE 2310-0341 Tint $249.95 2310-0342 Clear 249.95 2310-0709 Dark smoke 249.95 PART # DESCRIPTION SUG. RETAIL 16 1/2” TALL x 26 1/2” WIDE 2310-0387 Clear $249.95 2310-0388 Tint 249.95 2310-0708 Dark smoke 249.95 FOR 18-23 FLHC/​FLHCS/​FLDE PART # DESCRIPTION SUG. RETAIL 20 1/4” TALL x 26 1/4” WIDE 2310-0686 Clear $249.95 2310-0687 Tint 249.95 2310-0712 Dark smoke 249.95 PART # DESCRIPTION SUG. RETAIL 17” TALL x 26 3/8” WIDE 2310-0688 Clear $249.95 2310-0689 Tint 249.95 2310-0713 Dark smoke 249.95 FLARE™ BILLBOARD WINDSHIELDS •Modeled after the original Flare™ windshield for Baggers; now almost every rider can get all of the same performance and style with bolt-on ease •Patented Klock Werks “hips” on each side create downforce for added stability and the “flip” at the top kicks air up and over the rider for a smoother, less turbulent ride •Wind tunnel tested and designed to create the same downforce as the original Flare™ windshield •Computer simulations and real-world testing have resulted in multiple windshield heights to ensure a windshield size that will work for almost any rider •Windshield heights listed are measured from the top of the headlight opening to the top of the windshield •Pre-drilled for easy mounting using stock windshield mounting kits •For the following applications “Detachable” refers to the old-style H-D grommet/​hinge style mechanism •Made in the U.S.A. NOTE: All measurements given are approximate. The Klock Werks Flare™ Windshields are protected under United States Patents: D632235S, D586274S, D586275S, D633017S, D626046S, D633018S and also under International Patents: 324093, 324094, 325192. 2310-0341 2310-0342 2310-0687 2310-0712